Online Screenings – Creating Ruin

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Mykola Ridny, 'No!No!No!'
MTTY by Andrii Rachinskyi and Daniil Revkovskyi
R.E.P. group, Ukrainian Land, 2010
Ivan Melnychuk (Gruppa Predmetov), Favourite Places
Lada Nakonechna, 'Switch on Red'
Stas Voliazlovsky and Max Afansyev, Spaceport, 2012
Vania vs Landscape by Yaroslav Futymskyi
Birmingham Ornament - a film by Yuri Leiderman and Andrey Silvestrov
  • Ri Online Video: Favorites.

RI – Online Video and Publication –

From July to September we are screening an online programme of video works, as part of Lada Nakonechna’s residency at the Abbey Ruins, which demonstrate different states of ‘ruin’, showing fragments of lives in contemporary Ukraine, where everyday relations, war, and mass manipulation have become inseparable and the rhetoric of capitalism is fused with that of national heritage.

5 – 18 July
Ivan Melnychuk (Gruppa Predmetov)

20 July – 3 August
Mykola Ridnyi, Lada Nakonechna 

3 August – 17 August
R.E.P. group, Stas Voliazlovsky and Max Afansyev

18 August – 31 August
Andrii Rachinskyi and Daniil Revkovskyi  and Yaroslav Futymskyi

1 September – 16 September
Yuri Leiderman and Andrey Silvestrov