Home Is Where the Music Is – Screening and Q&A

  • Hsu Che-yu_rerapture
  • Cici Wu_Unfinished return
  • Hao Jingban_Slow-Motion
  • CZY_All Trace
  • CZY_close,-closer-2
Re-rapture, Hsu Che-Yu, 2017 - videostill
Unfinished Return of Yu Man Hon, Cici Wu, 2019 - - videostill
Slow Motion, Hao Jingban, 2018 - Videostill
All Trace Is Gone, No Clamour for a Kiss, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, 2021-22 - videostill
Close, Closer, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, 2020-21 - videostill

Home Is Where the Music Is – Film screening and Q&A

We are pleased to present a screening program in at Reading Biscuit Factory on 26 June 2023. We will present short films by artist Cici Wu, Hsu Che-Yu, Hao Jingban and Chris Zhongtian Yuan to further explore notions of resistance through imagination, reenactment and improvisation. These themes can also be found in Yuans solo project t Home of Where the Music Is.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A and panel and discussion with Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Paris-based curator Qu Chang, Reading-based curator Charles Wong and artist and Reading International director Susanne Clausen.

Chris Zhongtian Yuan (b. 1988, Wuhan) is an artist and filmmaker, whose films explore ideas around absence, memory, home and music. Recent films have been shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Aesthetica Film Festival, Videoex Zurich, B3 Biennial of the Moving Image Frankfurt among others.

This project is funded by the British Council’s UK-China Connections through Culture (CTC) Grants.

Marker Location:

Broad Street Mall
Reading Biscuit Factory,
1 Queens Walk,