RI Talk #1: Lada Nakonechna

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Lada Nakonechna
Method Fund
Method Fund

1 November 2017 6pm
South Street Arts
The studio bar will be open from 5pm.

The Method Fund –  is an independent, nonprofit, cultural organization in Kyiv. It was established in 2015 by a group of artists, curators, art historians, architects and teachers in Kyiv in response to the political protest centered around Majdan. It functions as an experimental, self-educational project focused on the search for a new site-specific contemporary art institution. The Method Fund aims to test new forms of self-organization, self- determination and collaboration and a responsive mode of art education to support young artists in their specific local context and in response to current political urgencies.

Lada Nakonechna is an artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2005 Lada is a member of the R.E.P. – Revolutionary Experimental Space – group, an artists’ collective interested in the process of community building and in shaping a generation of politically engaged Ukrainian artists.  Together with her colleagues from R.E.P., Lada works with the social space of post-Soviet countries as a mirror of European processes, deals with questions of personal responsibility and civic patriotism, examines the interaction of the individual and the common, and explores the role of the artist and art institution in contemporary Ukraine. Lada is also a curator and member of the curatorial and activist union Hudrada, founded in 2008, and well as an educator. Together with Kateryna Badianova she conceptualized the Course of Art – an independent educational program in Kyiv. In 2015 Lada co-founded the Method Fund. She is interested in art as a communal activity and fragile instrument for social change.


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