‘reading in Reading’: Ghislaine Leung

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Public Sculpture, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Public Sculpture, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Public Sculpture, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Unions, Ghislaine Leung, 2018
Ghislaine Leung


Local Studies: Ghislaine Leung

‘reading in Reading’ at Reading Central Library

Installed on the first and second floors of Central Library, duplicate materials from Reading’s Toy Library, Audio and Reference Collections, are presented on library furniture. In order to borrow materials from the Toy Library for the exhibition’s duration, new toys have been bought to replace and add to the loaned ones, which will then enter into the Libraries’ collections after exhibition. These materials collectively form a new work by Leung, Public Sculpture, which will be available for exhibition loan from the Toy Library, as well as each individual toy being available for standard library loan. A unique catalogue publication made by Leung in collaboration with students from the University of Reading and including photos of the exhibition will be made available for reference only in the Local Studies Collection after the exhibition.

Local Studies is part of the collaborative project ‘reading in Reading’ with artists David Conroy, Cally Spooner and Jesper List Thomsen. Continuing from the artists’ collaborative editing practice used to write a ‘Superstructure’, Local Studies parses materials from the library, subtracting and duplicating these forms in circulating composition.

Level 1: Corridor: Ghislaine Leung Unions 2017
Clear Coated Aluminum Prints, Fixing System. Nine slim aluminum signs, black printed ink held within a gloss coated surface finish, offset from the wall by fixing structures. If you klonopin buy online you will feel better. I have been taking it for a month and I feel a reduction in anxiety. The line of slightly over-small signs is hung low, spaced equally and unequally, at an approximate picture height for a young girl.

Level 1: Study Booth 6: BBC Eyewitness 1980 -1989 2005
CD 1244425 from Reading Library Audio Collections. Stereo audio material charting the events of 1980 to 1989, written by Joanna Bourke and narrated by Tim Pigott-Smith, published by BBC Audio, a division Of Random House, in 2005. Part of a full collection, A History of the Twentieth Century in Sound, in ten volumes.

Level 2: Microfilm & Literature: Ghislaine Leung Public Sculpture 2018
Toy Catalogue Items, laminated and paper labels, rubber bands. Inclusive of: Casdon Children’s Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner, Casdon Numatic Little Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner, Casdon Hotpoint Childrens Washing Machine, Miele Childrens Washing Machine, Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home Set, Playmobil 6020 Summer Fun Country House, Fisher Price 1999 Little People Dolls House Cottage Toy.


Artist and writer Ghislaine Leung, lives and works in London and Brussels. Recent solo projects include The Moves at Cell Project Space, London, 078746844 at WIELS, Brussels and collaborative projects YOUR WORDS IN MY MOUTH | MY VOICE ON YOUR TONGUE at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Hollis & Money at ICA, London. From 2017-2019 she will be in long term collaboration with Netwerk, Aalst on her projectVIOLETS. Leung’s collection of writings Partners launched with Cell Project Space in 2018 and she will be in residence at Triangle Marseille in August 2018. Her solo commission for Chisenhale Gallery, London is forthcoming in 2019.

In partnership with Hogarth Productions

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Read an interview with Ghislaine Leung by Noah Barker discussing her work for Reading Central Library here

Ghislaine Leung and Noah Barker in Conversation, Mousse 64 Summer 2018

Public Sculpture_3_Ghislaine Leung
Public Sculpture, Ghislaine Leung, 2018

Marker Location:

Reading Central Library
Abbey Square,