‘reading in Reading’: Cally Spooner


reading in Reading‘ is a collaborative art project for Reading International, hosted by Reading Central Library, with David Conroy, Cally Spooner & Jesper List Thomsen. For her ‘reading in Reading’ project, Cally Spooner has commissioned a jingle. The jingle will be broadcast by local radio stations and played once a day at the library, as an intangible public artwork and a practical advertisement for library services.

Jingle for a Library is composed and performed by Millie Gaynor, Katie Gould, Erin Taylor, Esme Kennedy, Alex Harvey and Harrison Newman from youth drama group, Berzerk, then post-produced by Peter Joslyn. Modern pharmacies save you time and money. You can easily buy online generic drugs at the lowest price. It was recorded and aired by BBC Radio Berkshire.

Berzerk productions is a multi-award winning drama company in Reading, led and arranged by Matt Whitelock.

Peter Joslyn is a multi award winning composer and pop music producer. He lives and works in North London. Peter Josyln has composed and created live music for Cally Spooner, as well as for his own theatre group, Ernst Projects.

Cally Spooner is an artist. Recent solo exhibitions include The New Museum, New York, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (in 2016), and Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017). She is the author of ‘Collapsing In Parts’ (Mousse, 2012) and ‘Scripts’ (Slimvolume, 2016).

In partnership with Hogarth Productions

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