Opening of ‘All Day Breakfast’

Alongside works by Matt Copson and Alastair MacKinven, ‘All Day Breakfast’ – the initial exhibition in the artists’ series of project ‘Eggy and Seedy’ – includes drawings and painted works on paper by Tomma Abts, Amelia Barratt, Julie Beaufils, Brian Belott, Nora Berman, Sarah Buckner, Merlin Carpenter, Enrico David, Peter Davies, Peter Doig, Ida Ekblad, Jana Euler, Elizabeth Jaeger, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Behrang Karimi, Allison Katz, KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers), John Kelsey, Satoshi Kojima, Stanislava Kovalcikova, Lucy Mckenzie, Annie Pearlman, Allan Rand, Devlin Shea, Simon Thompson and Willem Oorebeek, Ben Wallers, and Issy Wood at Munchees, a café in Reading town centre, until 13 May 2017.

  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0100
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0101
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0105
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0108
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0109
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0113
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0117
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0124
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0128
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0129
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0134
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0138
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0139
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0141
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0102
  • Mark-Blower-170218-Eggy-and-Seedy-Reading-International-0103

Importantly, a dialogue with painting will bookend Reading International’s initial run between early 2017 and late 2019. A major exhibition is planned for mid-2019 that aims to present a synthesis between contemporary international ‘networked’ and ‘outsider’ practices, and with this in mind, Copson and MacKinven’s opening event at Munchees forms an eccentric platform for international artists who are currently extending the boundaries of the painted medium, and simultaneously aims to activate unlikely regional venues through a curatorial approach redolent of historical predecessors such as the late US museum curator Walter Hopps, who was known for his unconventional and ground-breaking approaches to exhibition-making.