Alastair MacKinven’s new radio play live on Blast 1386


Eggy and Seedy

A serialised radio play by Alastair MacKinven

Episodes air between 11.00am and 1.00pm each Tuesday and Friday on Blast 1386 from 11 April 2017 to 20 June 2017

Listen live at

An interview with the artist was broadcast on 11 April 2017 at 11am

Alastair MacKinven’s Eggy and Seedy went live on the Reading radio station Blast 1386 on Tuesday 11 April 2017 to reveal a narrative involving a romantic relationship between two historical land artists. This new work originates from two previous performances by MacKinven that connect processes of entropy, regeneration and remaking – All of the things that you could be by now if Robert Smithson’s wife was your mother (2006/7) and When the Schtick Hits the Fan (2009) – that form an ongoing critical plot in the artist’s work.

Interestingly, the artist was asked to present a birthing ceremony by a midwifery hospital in Manchester after the clinic misunderstood his initial actions as practical presentations instead of symbolic rebirths, a misinterpretation that led to the artist’s plan for his radio play in Reading, which in part connects to the initiation of a new contemporary art festival in a regional location with a burgeoning cultural scene.