CRASH! presents ‘A Better Britain II: Britlins’

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  • I Like You, Sleazenation magazine, 1998.
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  • A Tubular Bell for Hull, from A Better Britain, 2010.
  • A Bigger Figure, from A Better Britain, 2010.
  • Municipal Office (sketch), Photocopy print, 2017.
CRASH! presents A Better Britain II: Britlins
I Like You, Sleazenation magazine, 1998.
Meanwhile, In A Large Central London Apartment..., poster, 1998.
A Tubular Bell for Hull, from A Better Britain, 2010.
A Bigger Figure, from A Better Britain, 2010.
Municipal Office (sketch), Photocopy print, 2017.

In Britlins, Scott King and Matthew Worley propose a template for a whole new society.

Can you remember:

  • When you could leave your back door unlocked?
  • When we all ‘mucked in together’?
  • When summer seemed to last forever?

Britlins is the vision of The Conglomerate, a select group of maverick MPs, where to buy ambien over the counter, self-made businessmen, and ageing celebrities, who want to turn back the clock on Broken Britain and restore it to the magical days of their youth.

Drawing on a collective nostalgia for the micro-societies that were 1970s holiday camps, The Conglomerate is determined that their past shall be your future.

This exhibition is located on the tenth floor of Thames Tower, a newly redeveloped office block situated directly opposite Reading railway station.

Entrance is free.

Opening times: 12.00pm to 6.00pm, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Read a review of the exhibition by Owen Hatheley in Dezeen, July 2017
“You could imagine Theresa May looking with profound sympathy at Britlins” – A satirical design proposal to restructure the UK like a 1970s holiday camp, based on the collective nostalgia that fuelled the Brexit vote, perfectly summarises the tone of national debate in recent years, says Owen Hatherley

Review by Michael Hampton in Art Monthly 409: September 2017
‘Crash!: Britlins, Barry Lewis: Butlins
Written by Matthew Worley and with artwork by Scott King, the publication rests on the speculative, indeed absurdist proposition that Brexit is a golden opportunity to launch a new version of Britain, ie Britain 2.0; to remake the geopolitical entity overridden by 40 years’ membership of the EU

Review of Saxnot at Studio Voltaire by Graham Pearson

Owen Hatherley on Scott King’s ‘Welcome to Saxnot’
Critic and author Owen Hatherley responds to Welcome to Saxnot at Studio Voltaire, artist Scott King’s first solo institutional exhibition in London. Hatherley  discusses King’s exhibition which builds on the Butlin’s inspired brand ‘Britlin’s’ he created for Reading International.he
Watch the video of the talk here:



Marker Location:

Tenth Floor
Thames Tower,
Station Road,