ArtLab @ Reading International

Reading International aims to engage people of all ages in current debates around contemporary art and looks to extend and develop new audiences by offering multiple platforms for engagement.

ArtLab is a dedicated art and technology facility whose agenda is to support outreach and widening participation, and to share knowledge and experience of contemporary art and science. ArtLab draws on the ideas, research tools and advances that artists and academics have made across a range of technological disciplines in order to share more widely new ideas and understanding of contemporary art in particular with schools and young people. ArtLab will take the ideas and working methods of the artists and projects in Reading International as the starting point for a range of activities and workshops.

Reading International will also provide interpretive materials for independent visitors ranging from critical essays by artists, writers and curators.


If you would like to get involved with ArtLab, book a workshop or simply want to find out more please contact ArtLab at